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3 Reasons Why You Should Always “Pass the Buck”

by freespiritmag
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Ever feel like a puppet on a string, controlled by unseen forces? If this resonates with you, then read on. If it doesn’t, this might not make cents right now haha—but give it time. Here, we explore why taking responsibility for nothing can be a form of enlightenment.

Reason 1: Understanding the Pre-programming

Breaking Free from the Cycle

Many of our actions are influenced by those who came before us. This pre-programming can shape our decisions and behaviors without us even realizing it. By recognizing this, you can begin to understand that not everything requires your active participation or responsibility. Realizing this lets you break free from the cycle and focus on what truly matters.

Reason 2: Mastering Non-Action

The Art of Not Reacting

Non-action is not laziness; it’s a deliberate choice. I’ve learned to feel the energies of those around me and respond only when something higher—something more spiritual—calls for it. This practice helps me maintain a state of inner peace and balance. By mastering non-action, you can achieve a state of existence that is both fulfilling and less stressful.

Reason 3: Aligning with Higher Resonance

Responding to Spiritual Calls

In my experience, true action stems from spiritual alignment. Only when something resonates deeply with the laws of god, the spirit, do I take action. This approach ensures that my actions are meaningful and aligned with a higher purpose. It takes effort and daily practice, but the rewards are profound.


Passing the buck isn’t about shirking responsibility; it’s about understanding the deeper layers of existence and responding only to what truly matters. If you’re ready to elevate your life to a higher state of being, start practicing non-action and tune into the spiritual calls that guide you.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Let’s explore this enlightened path together.

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