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Virgo July 2024 Horoscope

by freespiritmag
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Key Dates

  • July 7th – New Moon in Virgo
  • July 22nd – Sun enters Leo
  • July 31st – Full Moon in Aquarius


July 2024 is shaping up to be a month of transformation and growth for you, Virgo. With the New Moon gracing your sign at the beginning of the month and a Full Moon in Aquarius towards the end, you’re likely to experience both personal introspection and social expansion. Here’s what you can expect this month.

New Moon in Virgo – July 7th

The New Moon on July 7th brings fresh energy and a clean slate. This is an ideal time for setting new intentions and goals. Focus on personal development and self-care. Use this powerful lunar phase to plan new projects and reflect on how you can improve various aspects of your life. It’s a great time to start a new wellness routine or declutter your environment.


  • Set Clear Intentions: Write down your goals for the month and visualize achieving them.
  • Self-Care: Invest time in activities that nourish your mind, body, and soul.
  • Organize: Clean out physical and mental clutter to make space for new opportunities.

Sun Enters Leo – July 22nd

When the Sun enters Leo on July 22nd, it shines a spotlight on your social life and creativity. You might find yourself more outgoing and eager to connect with others. This is a great period for networking, pursuing creative endeavors, and showcasing your talents. Your natural analytical skills combined with Leo’s confidence can help you stand out and make meaningful connections.


  • Network: Attend events or join groups where you can meet like-minded individuals.
  • Express Creativity: Engage in artistic or creative projects that you’ve been putting off.
  • Be Confident: Trust in your abilities and don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight.

Full Moon in Aquarius – July 31st

The Full Moon in Aquarius on July 31st encourages you to think about the bigger picture. This lunar event brings themes of community, innovation, and humanitarian efforts to the forefront. It’s a good time to review your long-term goals and see how they align with your core values and aspirations. Collaborating with others and being open to new ideas can bring surprising benefits.


  • Reflect on Goals: Consider how your personal goals align with the larger community or global efforts.
  • Innovate: Think outside the box and be open to new, unconventional ideas.
  • Collaborate: Engage in group activities or causes that resonate with you.

Final Thought

This July, you have the opportunity to align your personal growth with social connections and community involvement. Take advantage of the New Moon to set your intentions, harness the Sun in Leo for creative expression and networking, and use the Full Moon in Aquarius to think about your place in the broader world.

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