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A Journey to My Success and Inner Peace

Hi everyone! I'm so glad to be here. My name is not Lisa, 🙂 my name is Julie and I write under the pen name LJ Vanier. I am of Gnostic Faith and I am an entrepreneur, writer, and compassionate person. My work has been featured on Spirit Science, Quotes Catalog, Thought Catalog, The Minds Journal and many other sites.

I've experienced a lot of pain in my life, but it has made me into the person I am today. Let's take a journey together as I share with you my story of success and inner peace.

My Story of Loss and Heartache

Life hasn't always been easy for me. I have experienced much loss, heartache, and suffering over the years. Recently, I suffered through two life threatening strokes, and I am thankful to be alive. It is a common misconception that people who are ill or have disabilities life threatening conditions are "sick because of their sins". In fact, people who have conditions are ill because of things that were done to them throughout their lifetime. These experiences changed me forever; it made me more aware of the fragility of life and how quickly things can change for the worse.

Finding My Voice in Writing

A short time ago, my mother died suddenly, and I can tell you that no one can prepare you for that, young or old.

I decided that instead of letting my grief consume me, I would use it as fuel to pursue my dreams and passions. One way that helped me cope with all the pain was writing; it allowed me to express my thoughts without fear or judgement. As time went on, writing became my outlet—the place where I could explore myself without worrying about what anyone else thought or felt about it. It gave me a newfound sense of freedom that allowed me to tap into creativity like never before.

Achieving Inner Peace Through Compassion

In addition to writing, another important thing that helped shape who I am today is my altruistic approach to life; compassion and empathy towards others. Even though I had gone through so much pain in life, seeing others suffer reminded me to be grateful for what I still had left in life—and that is something that can not be taken away from you no matter how hard life gets. With this mindset, I found inner peace knowing that no matter what happened in life, there was always something beautiful around the corner waiting for us if we chose to look for it!

about me

LJ's Homegrown Quotes

  • Lose the attachment, keep the lesson.
  • You already made the choice, you’re simply here to walk it.
  • I don’t always make the best choices, but today I choose compassion over intolerance, sympathy over hatred and love over fear.
  • The more I think about it, the more I realize that overthinking isn’t the real problem. The real problem is that we don’t trust.
  • Sometimes being lost is the best way to find yourself.
  • The awakening is realizing you’re a part of god, like a single cell that finally sees it is a part of you.
  • Truth is nothing but a formulated perception of experienced reality.
  • Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place.
  • Death is an illusion life is a dream and you are the creator of your own imagination.
  • We project onto others what we cannot accept in ourselves.
  • The key to abundance is acceptance, the more you expect the less you accept.
  • If light is love, then fear is its shadow.
  • We are never more beautiful than when we are loving each other.
  • When we remove all emotion, all judgment, and all expectation there is only love left. Love is found in the stillness of the soul. Love is without action, without attachment or need. Love is the subtle energy that flows through all of creation. Love transcends your being into ascension. Love is the harmony and the music of the universe, love is all there is.
  • The more you kick and scream, bite, scratch and try to run away, the darker the skies will get. You cannot run away from your pain and you cannot outrun the storm. By embracing your pain and bringing it within to heal, you empower your own growth. Accept what is, what was, and what is yet to come. This is the path to inner peace.

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What I Believe

No one ever said life would be easy—but with enough perseverance, faith in God, in yourself and your abilities, anything is possible! This has certainly been true in me.
If you're looking for motivation or inspiration on your own journey then please don't hesitate to reach out-I'm always happy to help where I can 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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