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12 Things Your Soul Wants You To Remember

by freespiritmag
things your soul wants you to remember

In moments of uncertainty, confusion and doubt it can be easy to forget the truth: You are not a mortal being grasping for eternity; you ARE your soul. C.S Lewis reminds us that we have our bodies but they do NOT define who we really are-our souls carry within them wisdom beyond measure. Wanting nothing more than what is best for ourselves, here’s 12 things your soul wants YOU to remember! Faithful in times of despair yet passionately hopeful—your destiny awaits…

1. You Are Enough

Your soul wants you to remember that no matter what happens, you are enough just as you are right now. The world may tell you otherwise—that you need to be richer, prettier, smarter—but your soul knows the truth: You are already whole and perfect just as you are in this moment.

2. You Are Connected To All Of Life

We are all connected in some way, shape or form; regardless of how different we may appear on the outside each one of us has an internal connection that goes deeper than we can think or imagine. Our souls want us to remember that there is no separation between any living being and that everything is connected through energy and love.

3. Listen To Your Intuition

Our intuition speaks to us in many ways such as feelings, visions, and thoughts that arise from within us without explanation or rational reason as to why they come up in the first place. It helps guide us in moments when we may be confused about what direction to take next or even when making decisions about our lives in general. Listening to our intuition helps build trust with ourselves and our inner voice which allows us to open up more opportunities for growth.

4. Live In The Now

Being present in each moment gives us clarity on what needs to be done and how best to move forward instead of getting stuck ruminating on past events or worrying about potential future outcomes that may never happen in the first place. With mindfulness comes understanding and peace which helps create balance within ourselves by connecting with the present moment.

things your soul wants you to remember

5. You Have The Power To Create Change

Our souls want us to remember that even if the odds seem stacked against us , anything can be accomplished with hard work, dedication, resilience, patience, self-love, faith, and courage. There will always be obstacles but they can only impede progress if we let them; having strong mental fortitude will help push through them no matter how difficult things might seem at times.

6. Let Go Of Fear And Doubt

Fear keeps us stuck because it prevents action from taking place due to its paralyzing effects on both mind & body; similarly, doubt stops progress due to its ability to make one second guess themselves and their decisions thus creating an internal cycle of negative thinking which further perpetuates fear & doubt into the mix. Letting go of these two emotions creates space for new ideas & perspectives leading towards more positive outcomes overall.

7. Happiness Comes From Within

External validation may provide temporary satisfaction, but true long-term happiness comes from within us – not from outside sources such as possessions or accomplishments. Your soul wants you to understand that true joy cannot be bought or earned; it must be cultivated through self-awareness and self-love practices.

8. Forgiveness Is Key

Learning how to forgive yourself & others is essential for growth because holding onto resentment affects both parties involved negatively by blocking out potential healing energies coming into play if forgiveness was granted instead; forgiving someone doesn’t mean condoning their actions but rather it means accepting responsibility for one’s part while also understanding why certain situations happened in order for healing processes begin taking effect

9. Believe In Yourself

Believing in oneself takes practice but once mastered will bring forth great rewards such as inner confidence & strength needed when tackling various challenges life throws at us ; having faith in oneself provides guidance along paths never travelled before allowing exploration without fear because you know deep down inside there’s nothing stopping you from achieving whatever goals set forth

10. Appreciate The Little Things

Gratitude has been proven time and again as a powerful tool when dealing with difficult moments because it shifts perspective away from focusing solely on negative aspects towards appreciating the beauty around either big or small accomplishments achieved throughout life; practicing gratitude teaches humility while reminding oneself just how far they’ve come along their journey

11. Honor Your Emotions

We often deny our feelings thinking they’re too much bother when really embracing them can reveal valuable insights into why certain behaviours occur; feeling emotions like pain sadness anger etc allows individuals access to understanding themselves better while providing opportunities necessary for healing processes to begin taking effect.

12. Be Kind To Yourself

Treating yourself kindly means recognizing mistakes made while striving towards self-improvement by forgiving yourself whenever needed; compassion builds empathy towards others while providing gentle reminders necessary when times get tough reminding individuals they’re stronger than thought possible before embarking down paths never explored before leading towards great discoveries made within oneself.

C S Lewis said “You don’t have a soul; you are a soul..you have a body”

Everything comes back down to remembering who we truly are beneath all the masks we wear throughout life––we aren’t simply people living in bodies; rather, we are souls having a human experience which means more than anything else─our true essence lies beneath the surface of all things visible and tangible for the outside world.

So take some time today–or any day–to ask yourself who am I beyond my body? And listen closely for answers because your soul has plenty of wisdom stored up just waiting for whomever will pay attention long enough hear them out loud clearly! We invite everyone seeking spiritual insights into their lives today, to join us in taking some moments each day to listen closely to what their souls want them to remember —and ultimately— become!

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