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50 Things to Do After a Break Up

by freespiritmag
after a break up

Breakups can be hard. You may feel like you are in an unfamiliar, dark place, which can make it difficult to know what to do next. It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts and feelings—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 50 things you can do to help yourself get through this tough time and come out stronger on the other side.

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  1. Give yourself permission to feel whatever emotions come up without judgment – anger, sadness, fear, etc – then let those feelings pass through you without clinging onto them for too long (this is part of learning how to let go).
  2. Take a long bath with Epsom salts or lavender oil.
  3. Call someone who will listen and give you encouragement (a friend, family member, or therapist).
  4. Go Shopping! Breaks ups take a toll on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being. It’s important to offset those negative emotions and give yourself a quick boost. While it may only be a temporary fix- buy yourself something nice that brings you joy – whether it’s flowers for your desk or tickets to see your favourite band live, a new shirt, or a sweater – whatever makes you happy is worth investing in!
  5. Positive Affirmations: Make a list of all the things you like about yourself and read them aloud every day until they become true again.
  6. Try yoga or meditation to help focus your mind and body on healing rather than ruminating on pain from the past.
  7. Freewriting- Write down everything that comes into your head – even if it makes no sense – just as a way of clearing your mind and letting go of mental clutter.
  8. Learn something new – take an online course in art history or sign up for a cooking class at your local community college! Learning keeps your mind busy so you don’t get bogged down in negative thinking patterns about the breakup or regretting decisions made in the past relationship(s).
  9. Redecorate your living space, a fresh look and feel at your home helps to let out the old and bring in the new.
  10. Get outside! Go for walks or hikes in nature; being among trees can help ground us back into our bodies after feeling emotionally disconnected due to the breakup process (plus fresh air is always refreshing!).
  11. Talk with people who have been through a similar experience – talking with others who understand can increase compassion for ourselves and give us hope that healing is possible despite how hard breakups can be!
  12. Express gratitude every day by writing down three things you are grateful for each morning – this helps us stay positive even when we feel lost or confused about our lives after a breakup!
  13. Volunteer somewhere; helping others not only takes our minds off our own issues but also reminds us that we are capable of making meaningful contributions within our communities even when life feels chaotic and out of control after ending relationships with loved ones.
  14. Reach out for professional guidance – there is no shame in seeking guidance from qualified therapists/counsellors who specialize in helping individuals cope with breakups; they are trained professionals who know exactly how best to support people going through transitions such as these ones (and sometimes just having someone outside our inner circle listen objectively can be incredibly powerful!).
  15. Listen to music that speaks directly to where you are right now – music has an amazing ability to heal wounds faster than anything else so find songs that resonate deeply within yourself right now and allow those lyrics/melodies to speak truth back into existence within your soul (whatever genre works best!).
  16. Create something new– whether it’s art, crafting, writing poetry/stories/songs or anything else creative– allowing ourselves space & time away from thinking about breakups gives us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves & explore different aspects we never knew existed before!
  17. Take care of yourself physically; start eating healthier foods & getting more exercise which not only boosts energy levels but also releases endorphins which make us happier overall!
  18. Take yourself out for ice cream.
  19. Spend time alone exploring different parts of town; try visiting places alone instead of waiting around for someone else who might want to join– spending time alone gives the opportunity to think more deeply about the world and one’s place within it without being distracted by another person’s presence (which could lead overthinking/worrying)!
  20. Talk positively about yourself– self-talk matters more than most people realize when going through breakups because any negative thoughts will only make the situation worse so instead practice saying encouraging words aloud daily such as “I am strong enough to handle this” or “I am capable of doing what needs to be done” etc…
  21. Let friends take care of you– sometimes just knowing somebody cares enough to show up when needed most offers huge relief during times like these where emotions tend to run high and overwhelm senses quite quickly so accept offers of help graciously since everyone needs little extra love occasionally!!
  22. Give back what was taken away– if the ex took away certain freedoms then reclaim those same liberties now by doing activities once enjoyed together such as seeing movies alone going out for dinner solo etc…these small acts remind oneself of still being capable of living life fullness even without a partner beside them!!
  23. Daily journaling about the experience and your progression: Writing out all of the thoughts swirling around in your head can help make sense of them and also provide some clarity as well as insight into patterns so that we can learn from these experiences moving forward instead of repeating them over again!
  24. Make plans ahead regardless if anyone else wants to join along– planning ahead provides structure and stability in life routine which often gets thrown off balance during the post-breakup period so set goals to reach those milestones no matter how big or small they may seem because achieving little victories every day will ultimately lead greater successes further down line!!!
  25. Find ways to laugh again– laughter truly is the best medicine so find funny videos watch online or read humorous books. Pick up some comedy albums or start listening to podcasts- Whatever works that will bring a smile to your face. Remember that happiness still exists inside even though might not be visible outside right now….
  26. Limit contact with former partners completely if necessary– only contact absolutely necessary to avoid unnecessary drama because staying away from exes allows moving forward the healing process better!
  27. Practice mindfulness techniques daily– being present moment helps stay focused on current tasks rather than dwelling on past mistakes and worrying about future events beyond control thus allowing peace and harmony to exist much easier!!
  28. Take a road trip to explore unknown destinations-exploring unknown lands stimulating exciting adventure jumpstart spirits to change scenery while discovering hidden gems found along the journey!!
  29. Get rid schedule and organized a list of tasks completed each day order prioritize accordingly-keep track of accomplishments achieved each day reward yourself afterwards small gesture remind progress made despite trying circumstances!!
  30. Make a break-up playlist full of your favourite songs about heartbreak and sing along at the top of your lungs.
  31. Watch reruns of Friends for the millionth time—you know all the lines by heart anyway.
  32. Put on an outfit that makes you feel great; bonus points if it’s something they hated!
  33. Go through all the photos on your phone and delete any reminders of them that make you sad—and keep the ones that make you smile!
  34. Take yourself out on a date; treat yourself to dinner or drinks at your favourite restaurant.
  35. Binge-watch some old Disney movies the nostalgia will make everything better!
  36. Post selfies on Instagram with funny captions poking fun at yourself or break-ups in general; laugh until it hurts!
  37. Have a dance party with friends (or just by yourself) and pretend like nobody is watching!
  38. Roast marshmallows over an open fire in the backyard; i.e angermallows! or s’mores! they always bring smiles!
  39. Read up on astrology predictions about relationships—you know they’re still fun to read!
  40. Spend time with family members who always make you laugh; we all need good laughs after break-ups!
  41. Create an art project inspired by heartache; this could be anything from painting to writing poetry
  42. Get creative in the kitchen with weird recipes that no one has ever heard of, they might be gross but that’s ok.
  43. Eventually, delete their number from your phone.
  44. Make playlists full of upbeat music
  45. Take up a sport
  46. Start a new hobby. Search for something that captures your interest. There are so many o many clubs in your community. Squash ball, painting, community gardening, karate, sailing, sewing, writing.
  47. Watch stand-up comedy specials
  48. Visit new places, go somewhere you’ve never been and broaden your perspective
  49. Learn a new language! Did you know there are over 6,500 spoken languages in the world today?
  50. Meet someone new…?

Remember that when going through tough times, it’s important to take care of yourself first before anything else – even if things seem overwhelming right now, there are plenty of things out there that can help pick up your mood and get back into living life again cause hey – life goes on! Whether it be laughing until your stomach hurts, eating comfort foods, or taking long baths – sometimes doing simple things can make all the difference as we heal our broken hearts 💔 So don’t lose hope – because eventually, every storm passes 🌧️ And who knows? Maybe one day soon you’ll find someone better than ever before ❤️

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